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Monday, December 17, 2012

Momtourage Christmas Party

We had our second annual Momtourage Christmas party on Saturday.  There was wonderful food, fun and amazing friends to share the evening with.  
The kids had a good time playing with their friends, eating a bit and decorating cookies.  

 We drew names (kinda) and exchanged gifts, everyone received something that was just what they needed and wanted. 
 We also had an ugly ornament exchange.  It's a highlight of the evening, getting to see what everyone found after long searches for ugly.  There was some serious ugly this year!
I was lucky enough to bring home what was deemed the ugliest of the evening, eggs over easy with a side of bacon.  It's glittery, odd and a bit disconcerting to touch.

This beauty lights up and give you the listening pleasure of "Suspicious Minds." 
You would think as an ornament it would play something Christmasy, but no.  
More perfect, if it played "In the Ghetto".....

 Birds of Paradise; pink, sparkly and crazy off centered eyes. 
 Mr. & Mrs. Pig; very fancily dressed (notice the Christmas top hat,) a bit of sparkle and big teethy grins! 
 The Christmas Pickle.  
I know a lot of families have a pickle on their tree, but it's weird.  This one was blown glass and glittery, with a multicolored ribbon. 
 My contribution was the frog prince. This is a horrible pictures, but it's quite ugly in all it's crazy glory.  Almost took the price for ugliest, but you can't beat those eggs. 

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