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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Advent Calendar fun

This year our advent calendar is a mix of activities and candy.  

An hour of Wii kicked off the month

On Monday we went ice skating in Roseville. 
 Ty always starts with buckets or a hand to hold.
 Cody working on some skills during the skate lesson
 Playing in the snow
 Even though we only skate a couple times a year, Cody was out there like a champ.
 Eventually, Ty figured out that he didn't need the buckets.

 Today we made waterless snow gloves out of canning jars.
After gluing his sledder to the top, he added snow to the jar.
 Cody figuring out where to put his trees for the background
Cody's is a snowman, Tyler's is a sledder, and my sparkly Christmas tree

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