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Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve Fun

It was a beautiful day on Christmas eve, no wind or snow flying!
Grandpa broke out the 4-wheeler and the boys all had a good time playing.  

Cody was able to start out riding on his own, with it left in a low gear, he cruised around the shop.

 Wild Child Tyler had to ride with Dad, but he did get to drive. 

 They went out and around the pasture a bit before heading around the shop loop.

By the end of the afternoon, Tyler was on his own and kept it pretty mellow.  He LOVED it.  

We headed over to dinner at Tim and Danna's so we could see their house.  We were sad the Cody and Ashlee were sick so they were at their Dad's.  They really wanted to see their cousins, but really couldn't afford to have the germs spread about the family. 
They did have fun with Wipe Out on the Kinect, it was hilarious to watch!

After leaving we went out to find some Christmas light and found the musical light show in Meridian.  Awesome.  
It's a good thing I'm not more tech savey with money to spare.....

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