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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas with the Douglas family

Christmas was nice and mellow this year.  (Minus the 11+ hour drive)
The boys were spoiled as per usual and we all had a great morning opening gifts.   
Cookies left and eaten by Santa
 Santa Came!
 Filled their stockings until they were almost busting at the seams.
 Oh the glow....
 The earliest riser, somewhat patiently waiting for 7am to wake us all up.
 Tyler really was excited, but rose a bit earlier than he needed to. 

 Very excited for the motor kit for his LEGO's, just like the one he used in his robotics class.
 Tyler's big set from Santa

 The battle dome!
 Poor battle dome, over shadowed by all the awesome LEGO's, it did get some love in the coming days.
 $5 in my stocking!

 Being the elves, passing out everyone's gifts.
 More LEGO's!
 Grandpa D.
 We all sat around and watched the boys open their gifts and once they cleaned up there papers, they started building!

 Helping Grandma open her gifts
 Tim joining in on the LEGO fun.  The Technique sets were a challenge, so it took a bit longer.
 (Not a bad thing at.all.)
 It's not Christmas until we've feasted on pull-aparts.  
These were delicious with a side of eggs.
 Tyler built one of their new houses, this is the 3 in1 Cabin set.

 We had a wonderful day with family and food.  

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