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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Boise Aquarium

Boise now has a small aquarium.  As noted, it's small, but it packs a good punch!

We woke up to skiff of snow, a day late for a white Christmas, but the boys were excited.  
 The aquarium had lots of small and medium sized tanks, lots of salt water fish.
 There were quite a few tropical frogs

 Can you spot the crab?
 Sea horses!

 Creepy sea snakes, they just hang out like this!

 Even creepier eels!
 Touch pool where you could feed and pet the rays and small sharks.

 Baby sharks and rays


 Another touch pool with star fish and anemones

 This guys was just hanging out.
 In their largest tank they have lots of tropical fish, sharks and sea turtle!

 Tiger shark

 A nice section of poisonous frogs


 A tank of Jellies!


 Another touch pool that was on different levels, the one side being less that a foot of the ground. 
The other side was taller to look into.
Pretty birds

  They had a nice selection of books for sale.  Cody loves sharks, so we found a small book that is packed full of information for him to take home.

Very fun morning!

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