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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Holiday Travels

We made the trek from Sacramento to Boise to celebrate Christmas.  Normally this is about a 9 hour trip, this time it took 11+ hours with the weather and storms.  
Here's a view of our day of travel this trip. 

 Starting the day on 80, wasn't too long before we hit the line of people getting their chains on. 


Up and over the Sierra's, the worst part of the drive.

Truckee potty break

Closer to Reno, the roads cleared and dried out.
This was our view while going between Reno and Winnamucca.

Started to see storm clouds on the other side of Winnamucca
Then another patch of snow that was blowing over the road, making for almost white out conditions for a stretch.
The boys thought it was interesting to see the blue sky poking out above the snow clouds.

Then it all cleared up and we were cruising through farm country.

The sun was setting in Oregon

The roads were wet on the last leg through Idaho, but it wasn't slick or snowing like they had warned. 

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