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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas at the Folsom Zoo

If you haven't been to Christmas at the Folsom Zoo, we highly recommend it.   The zoo staff wrap boxes and put treats inside for the animals to find and get out.  We were able to see a lot of them opening their presents right when they were put out and it was really fun to watch run to the boxes. 
Admission was free with a donation for the food bank.

 For a $5 donation, the boy each got a Folsom zoo bear.

 This bear was super shy, licking the box and then walking away from it for a bit.
 Then he came back for more....
 Really getting into it.

 Tyler had a front row seat for the 2nd bear....
 We went to get a bear picture and this is what they did....
 Goof balls...

 There are Christmas trees all over the place and a large display down in the newer area that will all be lit up for the Wild Nights and Christmas Lights, can't wait to go back for this.  
The boys LOVED the LEGO tree. 

 Domestic wolves acting like excited puppies as the staff approached the enclosure.

 The boys had to ride the train....

 Crazy boy!

We also found Santa in the Walmart parking lot!  
The boys enjoyed picking out toys for those in need to donate to the Folsom Police. 

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