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Friday, July 22, 2011

Someday, it will all come together....

Over the past few months, the office has become a dumping area.  My dumping area.  It's caused me anxiety to even walk through the door, even when it's just a bee line to the computer.  
So, I've finally made a bit of headway and have usable space again!  Hooray! 

The first project to get finished was moving the shelves in the closet so that it's more usable.
 Also taking time to organizing all the wrapping paper, bows, bags and tissue.  Before, if you tried to get anything out, one thing turned into a fall of a hundred bits and pieces. 
 Ooo, tables with open spaces to actually work on!
 I also took the toss and condense method to heart when organizing the shelves.  
They really are not organized at all, but it's condensed and fits!
  The cabinet now has a set of wire shelves for fabric and enough room for the paper cart to slide in and be tucked. 
A big step was taken with the Cricut cartridge boxes.  
They were all thrown away!
 For some reason I've felt the need to hold onto them, you know in case I bump my head and decided to offload Cricut and all the cartridges.  (That's just laughable!)  So they are now gone.  Freeing up an nice little chunk of shelf space.  

Now, it's not finished by any means.  
This space is still a bit of a head scratcher.  The chest of drawers peaking out on the right needs to be gone through as well. 
I do have ideas though....
Plastic shoe boxes and my label maker to organize things better. 
 Maybe even some canning jars on shelves...
 or hanging them on a magnet strip kinda like this...
 Cropper Hopper ribbon cards to get rid of the millions of spools.
 I'm also thinking of getting a bar or two like this from Ikea to hang for things like scissors, markers, pencils, etc. 
 I would also like to get something like this to hang my thread on the wall. 
Then I walk out into the living room and the yard sale/give away/find someone awesome to take over this amazing item pile.  Gah!

So yeah, someday it will all come together. 

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