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Monday, July 4, 2011

Family Trip Day 8...

Saturday we packed up camp and headed up to San Lois Obispo to see their Children's Museum.  
This is a great place to get out, explore and touch everything! 

This was a rock organ.  You would cover the hole of the color you wanted and the note would play. 
Light table, bringing back preschool memories for Cody...
Interactive wall, as you would walk by the balls, they would move around. 
Giant bubble ring.  One of the helpers tried to get the boys to stand inside, but they wouldn't.  Cody was able to make a bubble almost up to his waist before it popped.
This was a cool engineering project, to build an earthquake proof structure.  
Cody's hardly moved at all when it was time to shake!
On the second level they had a pendulum swing...
and a small climbing tower...
Then lots of interactive areas for real life play.
You could work in the kitchen, the firehouse, doctors office, post office and grocery store.

The third floor was geared toward the 4 and under crowd.  
The boys loved this ball track; you could flip levers to make the ball go down a different path.
And we can't walk by a train table without touching it for at least a minute or two. 
Lastly we headed outside.  
They had a water mover where you crank the wheel, scoop up the water and run it up to the top, then it makes the water wheel turn. 
Also a couple of plasma cars...
and a spinning cup!

After a stop at In N Out for a burger and some shade it was time to head to our last campground,
San Lorenzo Park in King City.
The campground was very nice, lots of grass, and things to do.  
Only problem was the winds picked up and it was constant through the afternoon and late evening. 
They also have a museum on site, a blacksmith's shop, irrigation history and lots of farm and road working machines.

The playground was also really fun for the kids.

With all the wind in the evening, we didn't get a chance to have our last campfire. We also had to take turns making dinner in the RV and stayed pretty squished in until it was dark and we could call it a night. 

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