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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Forgotten Splash Park...

I forgot a splash park on the great review! 

 Peter Bertelsen Memorial Park located on 831 Redwood Ln in EDH
 Nice play structure with swings.
 Small spray yard, but nice covered picnic area. 
 The only problem is that you can't sit at the picnic area and still see the play structure.

 So, bring a chair for the grass (usually a little damp) and you can sit right between the spray yard and the play structure. 
 This park also has a nice parking lot and really nice, clean bathrooms.  

We never just go to this park, but if we are up for a movie, we go afterwards for a picnic and play.  We visited it today after seeing Marmaduke at the $1 showing, the El Dorado Hills Regal theater is one of my favorites.  

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