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Monday, July 4, 2011

Family Trip Day 5

After a lazy morning recovering from Disney, we were showered, camp was torn down and we were ready to hit the road.  Eli caught an early shuttle and had to fly out for work.
Cody and Ty playing with Uncle Stu and their new light sabers.
 The boys traveled to downtown LA with Grandma, Grandpa and Virginia to check out the La Brea Tar Pits.  They reported back that it was a lot of fun seeing the different fossils from the Ice Age including a saber tooth, sloth and mammoth.  They saw models of how they looked, their skeletons and saw scientist working to pull more fossils out of the tar. 

Stu, Keith and I headed over to see the Wally Parks NHRA Museum.  It was very cool to see the history of the NHRA and the other motor sports Wally Parks was involved in. 

 They had a photo montage of the 60 best moments in NHRA history along the walls. 
(We bought a book that has all the photos in it as well as the explanations.)
 Photos and memorabilia from the first NHRA National event in Great Bend, KS.

 These cool rides were hanging out in front of the building. 

We then made our way towards Malibu to meet with the rest of the group.  
 Finally catching site of the ocean for the first time on our trip.  We beat the others there so we walked around a bit and went to a museum/house that's right on the beach.  I've forgotten the name, it was beautiful!
 Seeing the surfers out on the water...
 At the home we were able to walk around the grounds, but the house was already closed for the day.  
Talk about million dollar views!
 We had planned to stop at Malibu pier to check out the sites, but it wasn't much to see. 
 Once the others arrived we traveled to find our campground at Point Mugu State Park.  It was cool to be right across from the beach, but the campground was super full and there were lots of kids running around that didn't seam to have any parents.  (Loud!)
But we made due and after dinner took a walk to the beach. 
 The kids were excited to finally bust out the sand toys.
 It was beautiful, and the sun made it's way through the clouds at one point to put on quite the show.

 After a bit of digging and such, they broke out the football to play for a bit.
Oh, how we love the beach!

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