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Monday, July 4, 2011

Family Trip Day #1 & 2...

We started off on our trek mid morning on Saturday, loading all the middle and youngest generations into the 15 passenger church van.  With 2 seats removed we almost had enough room for everyone and one pup. 
 We stopped for lunch in Chowchilla, finding a nice little park to play at.
 Including a closed in baseball dugout for Guinness to run and catch a few balls.
 Our first destination was Sequoia National Park and the Lodgepole Campground.  Once we hit the hills, it was a beautiful drive, seeing hang gliders in the sky and patches snow on the ground.  
 We made it to camp and found we were just across the road from the creek/river. 
 We liked this campground, with the exception of having to bear box anything that might smell tasty.  We were told that bears were spotted at least once a day, but hoped this was the standard line to make sure people packed their things away.   
 The boys were able to play frisbee in camp.  They also had their one night of playing with the walkie-talkies that Grandpa had brought.  Tyler would call and tell us where he was about every 3 steps, so those were put away rather quickly. 
 Our first campfire of the trip = smore's! 
 In the morning we packed up camp and headed over for a hike on the Tokopah Falls Trail.  
Crossing the bridge to find the trail head...

 It was a fairly easy trail, with lots of cool rock stairs through out and beautiful views.
 Virginia & Eli...
 Showing us muscles and how strong they were to hold up the tree!

 Ooooo, Ahhhh...
 We saw a deer while hiking, then we saw a bear.  He ignored us and we walked right on by leaving him be.  Deciding that it was nice to see it today as we were leaving camp and not the night before when we still had to sleep there.We also saw another one on our drive out of camp. 
 We were working our way up the trail in hopes of seeing some big falls that would feed the river.  We had many stops along the way to watch the power of the water.
 Every once in a while you would remember to look up and see this...
 We went up to what we think was pretty close to the end of the trail, seeing lots of little falls along the way. 
 Never seeing the big falls we were expecting for the river.  The trail was sort of washed out towards the top, so there may have been more to see.  We had a nice hike nonetheless.
 We had a bite to eat it was time to get on the road to Big Bear Lake for our next camping destination.  The drive out of Sequoia was equally as beautiful as the drive in, seeing a lot of redwoods and a few more mini water falls.  Once we were out of the forest it was a bit boring, but we did get to see windmill power fields, go over some roads that felt like roller coasters, and see some cool train tunnels.
We rolled into camp around 7:30, ending our longest driving day of the trip. 

Tyler had some funnies to throw at us as well for the day.  At one point during our hike he saw a tree that had a couple of streaks of red and he was said it was trying to turn into a redwood. 

As we were driving and started in the forest and then had driven out of it.  He was asking if our next camp was in the forest.  We didn't know for sure.  He told us that it would be " all treed up" when we go there. 

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