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Thursday, July 7, 2011

4th of July...

Oh how we love the 4th!  
Once again we headed over to the Ahnberg's for a BBQ and swim before going over to watch the fireworks.  We were also successful in louring in a couple of other Momtourage families to join us!

Keith was one of the brave dads to actually get in the water with all the kids.  This meant he was instantly attacked by the water guns and was throwing kids left and right.
Tyler had a blast with the shooters.
He spent a good portion of his time in the green tube, floating around the deep end.
There was also a lot of jumping going on...


Once it was finally dusk, we headed over to the school so the kids could run about a bit more before the fireworks started.

It was another good show by Sunrise, although we forgot a radio so we didn't get the full affect.  

We also had to forget the Disney fireworks we had just seen because those are hard to compare to.  

We will have a new adventure for the next 4th as Jen and crew are moving and will most likely not have a pool in their yard.  Hmmm, maybe next year we'll try out Tahoe!


Jennie said...

If we're in Bridlewood, maybe you guys can join us for the festivites there! ;) Of course, I'd love to do Tahoe with you guys!

Gramma Douglas said...

I so love your blog! It keeps us involved with what's going on with the boys and helps me not to miss them quite so much. Besides it's usually funny too. Love you MOM