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Thursday, July 7, 2011

And now back to our regularly scheduled summer...

We are finished with the vacation stuff for the summer, so now we can get back to our regularly scheduled summer. 
Before we left, we met some friends at our favorite splash park in Folsom.

The day after we returned, it was time to jump right into swim lessons for Cody. 
He's becoming a fish!
Kick board all the way across the pool.
Something new for this class was diving.  
This equaled some pretty impressive belly flops from Cody, Ouch!
Tyler didn't have lessons this session because I wasn't sure he was old enough.  He did make some friends and saw a couple of old friends from preschool to keep busy.
Tomorrow marks the end of this session, so I'm curious to see if he can move up to the next level and learn some new strokes and be pushed to go further.  Unfortunately he's not comfortable with any kind of back swimming, so I'm afraid it's going to hold him back.  He has really improved with his breast stroke and can dive down for rings like a champ.  We will see...

Tyler also wrapped up his parks and rec gymnastics class last week.  He wasn't very impressed with the new teacher he had for this last session, to the point he was a bit of a turkey during class.  
A new improvement for him though was letting me put his hair back.  
It made a difference when he could see what he was doing!
Also while we were on our trip he missed one class, so we scheduled a make-up with his favorite teacher.

He did a lot better while in her class, listening and following directions.  With her own school schedule she doesn't have as many classes she teaches as she once did, so we won't be able to stay with her.  Fingers crossed that we can find him a new class to fit into, she did such a good job at pushing him to go further.  

So that's where we are, swimming, library programs, and trying to stay cool! 

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