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Monday, July 4, 2011

Family Trip Day 7

Friday morning we woke up ready for another new adventure!  Stu, Virginia, Keith and I set off for a surf lesson.  We met Derek from Shell Beach Surf School at the beach parking lot and looked forward to getting out there on the waves. 

After a bit of a wet suit snafu, he had us back in business and ready to go.  We hit the sand and had a quick talk about the basics and then it was time to give it a try. 
We spent a lot of time out in the waves, trying to catch a few and getting tossed around a lot.  Virginia made it to standing a couple of times, if only for a few moments.  The boys had a great time as well, getting close, and even breaking one of the boards!  I had a good time as well, never actually making it to my feet, but getting the feel for the catch of the wave.  I would love to go again, after taking some time to build up some strength in the push-up area. 
Our instructor was awesome.  He was very open to us all being kinda new, and even though we all had different water experiences, he was able to help each of us out.  No judgement of ability or shape, just wanted us to have a good time. 
After our lesson we walked around the Pismo Beach shops for a bit and grabbed a bite at Mo's for some great BBQ.  Then we piled into the car and headed North to Morro Bay to check out the shops. 
I had found a little aquarium that I thought might be fun to check out, but it was such a whole in the wall we couldn't make ourselves go in.  But we did find some nice little galleries and had a good time. 

While we were away on our surfing adventure, the boys hung back with Grandma, Grandpa and the dogs for the day.   They went to a Jr Rangers program at our campground to learn about the Monarch Butterflies. 
Then found a playground to get out some energy for a while. 

After that, Grandpa found a beach that was more kid friendly (and less dune/atv friendly) so they could play and build castles until their hearts were content (or at least almost content).
After dinner we went to a campfire program at our campground, it was also about the Monarch Butterflies.  The boys thought it was fun that they knew a lot of the answers to the questions.  

Can't wait to go back to the Pismo area again. 

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