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Monday, February 23, 2015

Happenings Outside of our Sports World...

As hard as it might be to believe we have been doing a few things outside of all the sports that tend to rule our life.  

The boys had a good afternoon out with Grandpa at Monster Jam. 

Tyler showed off his baking skills by making some English Tea Cakes for our last teacher visit.  
He did everything except put them in and out of the oven. 

We've started watching Aiden and Annabel once a week.  
Playing at the park while waiting for football to finish.  
 Aiden built this really cool train during school time.
 Ms. Annabel hanging out at the boys' dentist appointment
(Both boys received their "No Cavity" badges!)
The current "fight" when they are here is who gets to hold Annabel first. 

 Working on puzzles

 Perusing through the Lego catalog
  School time

The boys have been enjoying their classes in Rescue.  
One of Cody's clay creations
 Tyler's shape art
 Tyler's cupcakes he decorated, the pictures don't show the details on the white one very well, but he did a wonderful job. 

Valentine's goodies awaiting the boys.  

Sentences by Tyler, #2 pretty much sums it up.  
  Except when he finds a good series, and is stuck waiting for football to start. 

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