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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

2015 High Tech Invitational

This past weekend was our home meet at Technique, the High Tech Invitational.   It made for a long weekend, but everything went really well.  Jumping in head first, I was on the hospitality team feeding all the judges and coaches for the weekend.  Ty's session was first thing Saturday morning and luckily Cody didn't have football so he could video for me as I was running back and forth.  

Ty's meet went well in spots and not the best in others.  He finally moved his all around score up to a 49.80, personal best for the season.  He's still 4.2 point off from qualifying for the state meet, so we'll see what we can do to help him get there.  In the end, he's going to have to figure out how to hit all his routines on the same day. 

He started his day on rings and he had a good routine, hitting a bonus and attempting another that was rewarded.  He ended the routine by putting his hands down, hopefully they can work on that.  
8.70 for a PB by .9

Vault has become a frustration as he finally broke away from the 8.8 score, but went down to an 8.6.  

P-Bars looked okay and he had a PB with 7.90 (up .5).  They have lowered the bars down a bit for him in hopes that he can stick the landing, but it's making for ugly swings under the bar.  Hopefully they can work on raising the bars a bit to help improve his form while sticking the landing.  

High bar took a dive this week with a 7.10, almost 2 points down from last meet.  Looking back at the video his swings were not good, so even though he's hitting the skills, the little things are killing him.  

Floor was a bit more on track this week with an 8.30 score, up from last meet.  His form on a lot of elements have improved and he did a really good routine.  

They ended on pommel where he pulled out an 9.20, PB by .7.  He had a bit of a slip on the pommel, but rolled through it a lot better than normal and was rewarded for good work. 

Here is his video:

We are on the downhill stretch now with 2 more meets to go.  If he can pull out a 54.00 at one of these meets he will earn a spot to go to state, adding one last meet to the season.  He's got a ways to climb, so we'll see if it can all come together for him.  
2 weeks and we head to Oakland for the Gold Country Classic. 

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