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Monday, March 9, 2015

2015 West Coast Classic

This past weekend we traveled to Pleasanton for the West Coast Classic.   
Tyler had his best meet yet, hitting personal bests on 3 events and for his all around.
He had a big goal going into the weekend, to qualify for state.  This meant he needed to hit an all around of 54.0.  He missed it by 1.90 points.  He was SO close. 
So a great meet for him that had a bit of an overshadow in the end.  We left pretty quickly, there were tears once we got outside, but a lot of reminders of what all he had accomplished during the meet.
I'm so proud of all the hard work he's put in this season. 

He started out on high bar with a 9.60, a personal best by .70 and his highest score of the season for any one event.  He finally nailed his fly away (flipping) dismount after months of practice.  He made his kip after missing it last meet, and may have also received the continuance bonus.

Then they rotated to floor where he scored an 8.20.  They were given a super critical judge this weekend that didn't help his chances for the scores he needed.  He stayed focus in the beginning, pausing in both his handstand and press handstand, good arm positions throughout and nailing his double back handspring.  He had a couple of little bobbles and his back handsprings still need to be tightened up with legs together which dropped his score down a bit.

Next up was pommel with a score of 8.60.  He had a good turn on pommel, without the normal hand slips in transition from front to back.  Then he had a good mushroom routine, finally adding in a spindle (half turn) for an extra bonus.  Then the mats ate away his score with a major slip coming off the mushroom that had him scrambling to stay on his feet.

4th rotation had them at rings where he scored a season high 9.10 (PB by .40).  His routine went well overall and he only had a small step on the landing.

They followed rings with vault, scoring his season stagnate score of 8.80.  His punch, block, flip and landing were all done really well.  His score is most likely being lost on his run and arm circles before he punches the board.

Last for the day was parallel bars where he scored 7.80.  He had a good for him routine, but it's still not up to par for what it should be this late in the season.  His transition to the top of the bar wasn't as clunky as it's been in the past and he didn't fall on his dismount.  He's still missing his handstand which really dropped his score down.

In the end he finally cracked the 50's for his all around score with a 52.10, a personal best by 2.30.  It was a good way to end the season.

To recap his season:
Floor improved 2.70
Pommel improved 2.30
Rings Improved 1.90
Vault improved .70
Parallel Bars improved 2.0
High Bar improved 4.30
All Around improved 8.30


Where he started in November:

As much as we wanted him to qualify and go to State, I'm glad this season is over.  We've had a lot of frustration in the gym and it will be nice to have a break from competition.  He has a lot of momentum right now with learning new skills, so hopefully they will help him to keep moving forward into the summer.

Now to turn focus to swim season! 

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