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Monday, February 23, 2015

Tournament Game

The Eagles had one last weekend of football games this past weekend.  Unfortunately they were slated to play the #1 Silver team and it was a tough game.  Single elimination put them out after game one, 6-31.  

There were some big boys on the other team, but Cody figured out how to work around them.  

 His team had a hard time with their throwing game, something that more time would have fixed.  
Cody did have one really good catch that gained them some yardage. 

Despite an awful record, Cody had a great 1st season of football.  He learned a lot about the game, made some new friends and had wonderfully supportive coaches.  
They want him to come out to play in the fall, but we are still not okay with tackle ball.  Hopefully they will play flag next season and we can join them again.  He is very bummed the season is over, he had such a great time.  Luckily he's signed up for a swim clinic that start next week, hoping it will be a good redirection. 
Good luck Eagles! 

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