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Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Cody had two games this past weekend due to the bad weather last weekend.  
Saturday's game was against the #1 team, with a hard 0-36 outcome.  This team had scored 150 points for the season going into the game and had only let in 2 touchdowns.  The boys kept their heads up and did there best.  
Sunday was much better, even with the 6-8 loss.  Cody had a decent game, with some good blocks and trying for flag pulls.  Then, towards the end of the game he stripped the ball out of his opponents hands, picked up the fumble and ran it in for a touchdown! 
We were stoked for him to have such a big play as were his coaches.  

Highlight pictures....

This weekend is the end of season tournament.  Hopefully they can come together for another win!

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