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Sunday, February 1, 2015

2015 Mas Watanabe Invitational

This week's meet took us to Elevate Gymnastics Academy in Elk Grove.  We were the first session of the day, so it was nice that it was only a 45 min drive.  Ty had a decent meet, improving on a 3 scores from last week, same on one and down on two.  He was hoping to improve his all around score, but it was also exactly the same as last meet.  
We were happy for two of his team mates that qualified for State, but worried that the top three had a bit of a slump weekend.  

Ty was happy to have an audience today, with Virginia, Eli, Aiden and Annabel stopping by for a couple of rotations.  

Pre-meet hang out....
 Waiting to go out for warm-ups

 Can you spot Ty and his gym twin Charlie? 

 They started out on rings today.  This went better, with an improvement of .10 from last week.  
Hoping he can add back in one of the bonuses this week before his next meet. 

Vault was next, but it was SO far in the back of the gym I didn't get any pictures (barely able to get a video either!)  He's stuck at an 8.8, for the last three meets.  Hopefully he clean up his landing to improve his score as the first part is looking pretty good.  

 P-Bars followed and went better than last week.  Timing and landings will be the focus of this week.  

High bar is becoming his top event, with an improvement of .40.  Little adjustments will hopefully push him into the 9.0+ scores.  

Floor took a bit of a stumble back this week.  He looked OK in warm-ups, but continued to rush through his routine and wasn't paying attention to where he was on the floor, stepping out of bounds.  He can do it so much better than what he is doing on meet days, so hopefully we can help him calm his nerves to not go into auto pilot.  

He ended his day with a good pommel routine.  The score didn't improve from last meet, but it looked better!  

Ty walked away with two new medals, the first for pommel...

The second for High bar...


This was week 2 of our 3 week run.  Next week will be busy as we are at home!  
Lots of things to do before and during the meet to help make sure it all goes well.  I'm helping on the hospitality team, our job is to make sure the judges and coaches are fed for the weekend.  

If your local, Ty would love an audience!  Saturday 2/7, from 9-noon.  $10 for adults, $5 for kids.  

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