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Monday, February 23, 2015

2015 Gold Country Classic

This weekend we headed down to Oakland for the Gold Country Classic.  Ty has been working hard at the gym the last two weeks and we were excited to see it all come together.  He had some good points, but some major mistakes riddled is day.  
He's a bit discouraged as he is still a long way from qualifying for state and only has 1 more meet to do it.  Hitting all 6 routines on one day is a big challenge for him. 

They started their day on vault.  He did well in his flight but still took a couple of little steps at the end that didn't help his score.

P-Bars are continuing to improve with a personal best by .30.  
His swings were good, he hit his hold and stuck the landing.  
Next up he needs to add in a handstand before dismount to get full credit for the routine. 

High Bar is where things started to come apart a bit.  His swings were not the best with legs separating in his turn and not big enough, then he missed his kip for the first time this season.  They have been working on adding in his fly away dismount (flip) as he has stuck the landing at practice, but after 2 falls during warm ups it was pulled for today.  He was a bit bummed after his routine. 

Things continued to go downhill on floor.  His warm up looked good and he threw 3 passes with his double back handspring.  Then when it was time for his routine you could see he was focusing on the ending because some of his elements were not quite as sharp as they could have been.  When he went to finish, it's like he forgot he was doing 2 and tried to throw it at the last minute, causing him to crash.  He was fine and popped right up, but was pretty down the rest of the meet. 

He shook it off pretty well for pommel, doing well on his swings with a slight slip while in back support.  Then nailed his 5 circles on mushroom, with only a little bobble on the landing. 

He tied for 5th on Pommel!

They ended their day on rings and he had a decent routine with a step on the landing, but stayed on his feet. 

The team as a whole did great and placed 3rd overall!  
This is the first time this group has made their way to the podium as a team. 


In 2 weeks we will travel down to Pleasanton for the West Coast Classic.  If the stars can align a bit and Ty can work hard, he has a chance to still qualify for State, so time will tell. 

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