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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Oroville 2015

This weeks meet took us up north to Oroville for the weekend.  
Ty had a good meet and improved even more from the last showing. 
We also had the opportunity to stay for the next session and watch the level 6-10 team compete.  We had company from some of his other level 5 team mates which made it really fun for everyone. 


He started on Vault, which was good to get the nerves out.  
He had the same high score as last meet at 8.8.

Parallel Bars was the low for the day at 7.00, but still kept his scores all out of the sixes!  

High bar went well and he made it onto the podium in 8th place with an 8.50 (Personal best by .70)

Floor didn't get recorded, but he did very good.  He has made a lot of improvements over the last couple of weeks and it showed with an 8.50 score. (Personal Best by 1.20) 

 Pommel went well with an 8.50, personal best by .30.

Rings was the last event of the day with 7.70, personal best by .50.

High Bar Champions  


This was the first of our 3 three week span, next week we head to Elk Grove.

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