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Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Fun...

This year we had a quiet Halloween season, really sticking close to home, no parties, just simple. 

Friday we attempted to make a yummy treat.
Rice Crispy Pumpkin balls.  
The boys rolling out the pumpkin balls.
 Then carefully sticking in the jelly bean stem.
 We were going to use our edible markers and draw faces, but I think they were too greasy as the markers wouldn't work.  
So here's our finished pumpkins.
 They looked cute, but tasted awful!  Didn't have butter, so we used our Brummel and Brown spread, then adding food coloring and maybe not enough crispies equaled disaster. 
So we cut our losses and moved onto Sunday and carving pumpkins.  
The boys all gloved up and ready to clean out their pumpkins. 
 Tyler drew a face and then cut it out mostly on his own.

 His jack-o-lantern face.
 Cody chose the pirate stencil from the carving book, then transferred it onto his pumpkin. 
 He carved it all by himself.
 Awesome job!
 Our test glow on the 30th...
 Cody also carved a jack-o-lantern face on the other side.

For Halloween dinner we had spider web pumpkin pancakes.  
 This year was not my year for culinary treats as these also didn't turn out to be very good. I think I wouldn't have minded the batter in waffle form, but didn't like the pancakes.  Cody hated them and was forced to eat one just so he would have enough energy to get through Trick or Treats.  
Ironically, my non eating Tyler thought they were great.  Weirdo.

We were finally ready for Trick or Treat!  
Tyler as the Sheriff.  His horse did stay home and you can't see that he's also wearing his guns. 
 Cody finally decided to be Mario.  
He had a hard time with deciding what to be this year, he seamed to be embarrassed about dressing up and looking silly. 
 Off they go!
 Tyler seamed to have a pretty good time, but Cody just wasn't feeling it this year.  
After a while we came upon the first of three houses that had people jumping out to scare, this didn't set well with Cody and after the 2nd one he had had enough.  Tyler thought it was funny but didn't want to go back to "those" houses again.  Keith and Cody ended up going home towards the end and Ty and I finished up our street.  I'm pretty sure he would have gone around more of the extended neighborhood if I had let him!  

They did end up with a good candy haul!
This is even after we pulled out the candy that's not favorites to replenish our candy dish.  

So we survived another Halloween!  Hopefully we can make more fun of it next year.  

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