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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Room for School...

Monday marks the start of our homeschooling adventure. 
After looking around the house, I finally settled on re-arranging the office to make room for the  boys' school area.  It took lot of moving, re-organizing the shelves and borrowing a table for a few weeks until we can pick up another one from Ikea to match the set. 

SO, the bookshelf was moved into the closet and the computer moved out.  
Now they have a small work table by the window. 
 Where the bookcase was, now stands the new computer table.  This is the borrowed table that will be replaced.  We should be getting a computer from the new online school, so it will also fit on this table. 

The boys each have their own school supply jar, nice and portable as we need to move around the house.  

 They each have a magazine file that will hold their finished school work.
(we have to turn in work samples each quarter to their teacher) 
The three drawer has some of our art supplies that we might need.
 A major project was re-organizing this shelf.  Now there is room (hopefully enough room) for our school supplies and books that should arrive on Thursday. 
 I still have my crafty corner opposite the school area. 

We are excited to get started, and I'm a little nervous trying to figure out what our new routines will be. 

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