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Thursday, October 27, 2011

All ready for school...

It was like Christmas at our house today!  Our school books and supplies arrived from K12! 

The FedEx truck stopped first and delivered our computer.  
Then UPS stopped by and left us these....
 So excited to have a computer for both of them.  We've had a lot of times this week when they both could have been working if we'd had two.  Plus it came with a microphone and a microphone/headset combo so we can join in on the chats during our online class with the lead teachers. 

Here's Tyler's set of things...
 Workbooks for all our classes, including Handwriting Without Tears which I think will be great, videos for music class and history, math shapes and blocks, a phonics kit, maps, globes, science supplies, art supplies and a nice library of reading books.  

Cody's kit...
 His included much of the same, with a bit more for science. 

I did pretty well and it almost all fit on the two shelves we had left. 
(Tyler's phonics box is on the floor)
 Here's all their subject books and workbooks...
 All the reading books for language arts and history...
 Our DVD's & CD's for Music and our one for History. 
They also received slide whistles and tambourines for music class.
 All of our science items for experiments and hands-on learning.
 Art kits included a full rainbow of tempera paints, brushes, modeling clay and pastels. 
 Just like Christmas morning, all the wrapping to recycle.
 LOTS of empty boxes!  We have to send a good portion of these things back at the end of the school year, so most of these will be sticking around.

So far, homeschooling has been going well.  We've done our best this week just working off of the computer, but have had to skip lessons because we were missing books and such.  So happy to have everything here so we can really dive in! 

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