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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Horseback Riding

Today we were invited to go horseback riding.  The boys had a really good time and really did well for their first time riding.  Tyler was a bit over confident at the end, but they were slowly learning how to lead the horse around. 
Here is a video of them towards the end of our time.
Meeting the horse...

My friends Father-in-law did a lot of teaching about horse care, safety, and getting them ready to ride.
 Tyler went out before Cody; here he's getting ready to go...
 He started off being led around the arena.

 Before long he was riding by himself and learning to work with the horses. 

 His favorite thing was getting them to cross the bridge.  
Ty did really well.  His last turn out he got a little big for his britches and tried to have the horse gallop.  He didn't really have a hold on the reins and shouldn't have tried to go so fast.  All ended okay, but it was going to dangerous pretty quickly.  He knows better for next time.

Cody went out a bit later, he sat and watched for a bit. 
 He also started by being led until he got a feel for the reins.
 He caught on pretty quickly.

 He had a really good time.

 We can't wait to go and give it another try!

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