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Monday, October 24, 2011

Skate Night and the Fish Hatchery....

Last Tuesday was skate night for Pershing, a favorite at our house. 
 They were one of the first ones on the floor, and pretty close to the last to leave! 
 Tyler was a speed skater this time!  He held my hand for a bit in the beginning to remember how to balance, then he was off.  He had a few friends from class there and I hardly saw him!  Cody was the same.  They both had a great time as always.  

On Sunday we took a break in our organizing day and headed over to the fish hatchery.  It's been a really long time since we've been, so it was fun.  
Watching the little Steelhead
 We walked down to the bottom of the fish latter and watched the fish jumping upstream. 

 Handsome boys...
 We were there in time to watch them feed the fish.
 Then we watched the fish go nuts!
 Dropping bits of food to make the fish jump.
 We walked over to the edge of the cliff to watch the fish jump up river a bit more and saw the fisherman as high up as they could go.  Judging by all the fish we saw, that was probably some good fishing! 

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