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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sshhh, it's a secret!

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One of the cutest things happening at our house right now revolves around presents and secrets. Tyler has really latched onto this idea that Christmas presents need to remain a secret, but he insists on telling you this quite often. Remember the "no peeking" from the previous post, you're still reminded of this when you enter the house.
Secrets being apart of this really took off today with an afternoon spent at Grandma and Grandpa's house. They are working on a Christmas present for us with that the boys are doing, which they all love. Tyler is the first to tell you, "Sshhh! It's a secret!" The whole way home, this is what I heard, with Cody reminding him, "Quiet! You can't tell her! And you can't tell Dad either!"

In other fun stuff....

Tonight I made one last re-arrangement of the presents to accommodate a couple of stragglers. In doing so I put the boys' presents they made at school together, making my heart warm just a bit. Cody's is on the left, wrapped by him with a card made by him, "Merry Christmas, I Love You, Cody" Tyler's is on the right, he stamped the paper and helped wrap it, then made the card to go on top. Can't wait to open them and see what they made!

A friend posted some items she was clearing out of her house for Christmas and among them was a Smart Cycle. This thing is very cool, perfect for rainy days and getting energy out. Think mini spinning bike!
He loves it!

Here's a couple of videos:

Thanks again Charlene, they are loving this thing! (So am I)

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