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Sunday, December 6, 2009

O Christmas Tree...

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Friday we headed up to Apple Hill to cut our Christmas tree, this has become a family affair, with Grandparents and all the brothers and sisters that are around. Goal for this year was sturdy branches.
Heading up the hill...

Tyler decided he needed his own measuring stick and found one, he did a pretty good job hanging onto it, only whacked everyone once or twice.
We walked around for a bit, up and down the same lane a couple of times and then circled back to find a tree we missed the first go. Yep, that's the one, sturdy branches!
Here' Ty measuring with his stick.

Cutting it down...


Everyone found their respective trees and we headed back down to the parking lot. It was a beautiful day!

Wrapping it up...

Off it goes...
Before we could head home, we had some investigative work to attend to. Tradition has always been to go to Rainbow Orchard for apple donuts before anything else, they were as yummy as ever, but their prices are raising. In hopes of finding something new, we stopped at Larsen's. They have a nice bake shop, but no donuts. We did however score apples, 40lb boxes for $12. Guess who needs to make applesauce this week?!?! After a second stop for cider, we headed back down to home.

Between all our Christmas tree hunting, decorating and birthday party celebrating, we made time to go to the Fair Oak Holiday parade. This is a favorite, small townish style parade, with the local HS marching band and dancers, 4-H, girl scouts, pageant queens in cool cars, dancing girls, and random odd clubs, ending with Santa (in a Cadillac!) .

By the end of the weekend, we had all our decorations up, inside and out, and the trees were all decorated.
Here's our mini tree in the playroom, complete with the holiday Thomas set.

Ta-Da! The main tree in the front room.

Busy, busy, busy is all we are right now. We have another jam packed week and hopefully I'll be able to finish more projects and gifts along the way.

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