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Thursday, June 8, 2017

USS Midway and Cabrillo National Monument

On our last day in San Diego we went on a tour of the USS Midway.  We have been on one other carrier, but it's all so fascinating to see how they pack everything into the mini city on the ship.

Then we traveled down to Cabrillo National Monument.  

The Old Point Loma lighthouse sits on the top of the cliff, operating from the 1850's-1891.  The light was rated to be seen from 26-28 miles away, reports about it being as far as 35 miles.  They realized quickly that the location had a flaw because it sat above the fog and clouds, so as the ships came closer, they couldn't see to the port.  

 If you go down to the lower parking lots there is supposed to be some good tide pooling spots.  Also the whales migrate through at certain points in the year. 

A new lighthouse was build lower down on the point.  
 We arrived too late in the day to travel down.  
 Lots of planes and helicopters over the water


Smashed pennies we collected in San Diego 

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