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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Grand Canyon!

In hopes of finding fewer crowds, we traveled to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.  
It was pretty quiet, along with windy and colder than we had anticipated.  

Our cold campsite....

Ready to find some breakfast, warm up and explore.  

We decided to hit the lodge for breakfast to warm up and enjoy the views.   

 Tyler's new bison hat

 The lodge

Enjoying the back deck with the wildlife

 Flipping out in Arizona

 You can just see the river through the natural window

 We stopped by the Walhalla Glades on our way back to camp.  They uncovered the grounds of where there were Native Americans that would travel between the rim and the canyon depending on the time of year.  

After another cold night we headed into Nevada to the North Shore Inn in Moapa Valley.  This is home to the Valley of Fire state park, but by the time we got in, it was too hot to go explore.  

After looking at the weather report for Mammoth, we decided to cancel our last night of camping and head home.  

Better planning and better gear will take us back again.  
We still saw amazing things and had a great getaway. 

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