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Monday, June 5, 2017

San Diego: Science Museum, Balboa Park, Dinner in La Jolla

After a very busy May it was amazing to get out of town for almost 2 weeks.  
We drove all day Sunday to get down to the house in San Diego.  
Little did we know, June tends to be a bit gloomy down south, with mist in the morning and mild temps during the day. 

The first night we were there, the boys started off in the pool as soon as we unloaded the car and we had make your own pizzas for dinner.  

We spent half our day at the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center
 Everyone had a good time, bigs and littles.  

 It took us about 3 tries before we realized we had to flip up the footings before standing it up.  

 Beach ball and an air tub, lots of fun.  

 Surfer made from LEGO

 Electricity and power sources greeted us upstairs. 

 Painting done with a bike, rode in a circle, many, many times.  

We were disappointed to realized that 2 full exhibit spots were closed while we were there.  I read the website incorrectly and the video game exhibit I had hoped to see was not open yet.   Lots of sadness.  
We did get to see and Imax video about engineering with our ticket, that was really awesome.  

Before and after the movie we strolled around Balboa park.  

After the movie, Tyler went back to the house with Grandma and Grandpa while Cody, Keith and I went to the auto museum.  
 Lots of weird little cars from Japan.  

This car was amazing.  It was a full house on wheels that towed a huge gas, oil and water tank to refuel on the go.  

 He could even change the tires on the go with platforms that surrounded the car.  
 It holds records for continuous cross country trips.  
Read more about it HERE
Video HERE

That evening the 2nd generation left he 3rd generation with the 1st generation to head to dinner.  
Awesome views were seen at La Jolla while we waited for our reservation at Brockton Villa.  

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