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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Beaching in San Diego

After a full day at the zoo, we had a relaxing day at the beach.  
The boys were excited to give surfing a try, so we found wet suits and a board to rent, then brought the boogie and skim boards from the house as well.  

Uncle Stu and Florence helped the boys get out into the waves a few times, they had fun without making it up on their feet.  

The Baked Bear was awesome, custom ice cream sandwiches!  
My choice was snickerdoodle with vanilla drizzled in caramel.  
This is what a day at the beach will do to a teenager
The ten year old was back in the water!

The next morning we took a walk after breakfast to see the dolphins

 We were also close to a bay
 The captain watching over the bay

  Mandatory gymnast at the beach photo

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