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Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

We have had another wonderful Christmas!  

The night before, Tyler made hot chocolate with marshmallows for Santa and gave him some fudge to tide him over on his long journey.  

 Then he helped me put together the pull-aparts for breakfast before gathering Cody and heading to bed.  

First we had to stare at the Christmas tree
 Excited for Santa to come! 
 The big man stopped by, leaving a small stash of gifts and full stockings. 

 The boys were good and waited to get us up at 7am.  Cody said he was up at 6:30 and I think this is the first year they weren't up much earlier than that.  

Opening their stockings, yule log and Christmas carols in the background. 
 Then it was time to open Santa's gift.  
The boys have been wanting this for the last couple of years and didn't expect to see it under the tree this year. 
 SOOOOO Excited! 
 Once they got over the shock it was time to dig in to the rest of the presents.  
Dune buggy remote control cars, a sack of books, new clothes, watches and 2016 wall calendars from Mom & Dad. 
 Grandma and Grandpa Douglas supplied them with a nice stash of new LEGO sets and BSU hoodies. 
Uncle Tim & Aunt Danna sent new BSU t-shirts to grow all our wardrobes. 
  Keith loves his new BSU gear, as well as a new shirt from a favorite band, music and new sun hat. 
 Not to be left out, I was spoiled as well with a gift card to Kohl's, cooking supplies and a breakfast sandwich maker that is a treat for everyone in the house.  
Cody made me this wooden sign in his woodworking class, cutting the trim and letters, then Grandpa helped him print and mount photos. 
 Tyler made me this bowl in his pottery class, on the pottery wheel. 
 Everything opened, now it's time to play! 
 Before we left to meet up with the Scollay Family, Ty had 2 sets built and Cody was well into his first Mindstorm 

 Before we could celebrate Christmas we needed to celebrate Stu's Birthday. 

 Ms. Annabel was in good spirits 
 Checking out the mini computer
 Cousin pictures, we need to work on our posing! 
 Before brunch we also opened the annual P&G box to check out and arm wrestle over the goodies in side.  Yay for new soaps and bath products!  (Seriously, we look forward to this every year!)
 It was finally time for Christmas, a gift was passed out to everyone to open at the same time. 

 Annabel helping Tyler with a present, he is always so sweet with her.  
 Stu found this music box train in China on his last trip.  It works with a magnet and is wooden, so very cool.

 Judy made this quilt for Annabel, pretty purple with Australian prints in the circles. 
 We all received awesome gifts!  The boys received 3 months of mini golf, art kits, Rush Hour game and robots.   Keith and I both received gift cards for various things, State Park pass, beard oil, spice jars, and other cooking supplies.  
 Sweet Goodbye. 
 Drawing robot that Stu gave Cody, working on controls 

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!    

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