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Saturday, January 16, 2016

2016 Cal Benefit Cup

Friday morning we were up before the sun to travel down to Berkley for the Cal Benefit Cup.  
Tyler made some improvements and his scores were a bit better in some areas.  

Ready to head in to Haas Arena
Warm ups

 This is one of the meets where his level is split into two sessions by age groups, so the older boys will not compete until Sunday night.   
The mighty 9 year olds! 

 He started the meet on p-bars with a big 1.20 improvement on his score. 

High bar had a small .2 improvement from last meet, but he's making it through his routine much smoother which is a big plus.  

 Coach John was with the boys this meet, which may have helped a bit.
 Warm ups on floor were great, but stumbles and rushing lost him .3 from last meet.  
The routine is tough, but he can do all the skills.  Hopefully they will have better success linking everything together for next meet. 
 He had a couple of falls during his routine, but landed both his front tuck and back tuck in warm up.  
 Pommel is a hot mess for our boys.  Ty dropped another .2 from last meet, but had another fall.  He said the pommel was super sticky so it was hard to swing.  Hopefully they will focus on it this week as well. 

 Rings brought another improvement by .60.   A couple of big mistakes tanked his score as a whole, but other parts are starting to look better. 

 During this rotation's warm-up time the were showing the Cal Men's Gymnastics season preview video on the big screen. 

 They ended their day on vault where Ty shined with a 9.50 score, improving by 1.40. 

 Chalky hand prints

Video for the day


Next weekend we stick close to home with the Mas Watanabe Meet in Elk Grove. 

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