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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Freddy's 2015 Adventures

Freddy the elf was back again for another season of fun.  

He arrived on the first with LEGO Advent Calendars for the boys to enjoy during the month. 
 Scaling the wall
 Cody was learning about Ancient Egypt so Freddy turned himself into a mummy. 
 Star gazing under the tree
 Hanging with his favorite peeps on the shelf
 Paper snowflakes
 Searching for a snack
 Oatmeal angel
 He likes to stay in shape, marshmallow bar bell
 Reading Rudolph to the dinosaurs
 He must really miss his buddy at the North Pole as the next day he was playing Rudolph on the piano
 Snowman made of Hot Wheels
 Hanging on the strap rings
 Hitched a ride on Santa's train
 Hoop star
 Skiing through the village
 A little arithmetic in the school room
A little yoga to stretch out for the day
 Dangling from a candy cane chain
Reminding us that there are only 5 more days until Christmas!
 He heard it was shopping day and added a few things to our list
Hanging out on the frosty wreath
 All wrapped up, under the tree
 Making sure Santa could find him, he hung out in Ty's stocking the last day
He also left a note for the boys on my computer

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