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Thursday, December 24, 2015


December has flown by in it's usually busy fashion. 

Christmas tree, glowing bright
  We only had the littles a few times this month, but big things were happening.  Ms. Annabel decided she was walking! 
 Tyler reading a story
 Puzzle before dinner at Grandma's
 We made our annual trip to Dovewood to see the lights

 Tyler had a ton of fun at his team Christmas party.  The kids were paired off big to little for a game of Lovers Lane where coach would call out a move and the pairs would have to get into position.  
The last pair would be out, getting down to the final pair.  
The game was hilarious to watch and the boys had a great time.
Fireman's carry
 Capri Sun juice
 Chicken on the hen house
 Monkey in a tree
 Chicken in the hen house
 Super burrito
 Bunk beds
 They had lots of yummy food, a gift exchange with stealing, hide and go seek with their partners and a game of trash ball (Frisbee golf with a ball?).  It is awesome to see the whole team together having a good time. 

A couple of crafty things came out this month as well.  
A wall hanging for Kristin.   
Psalm 118:24 This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.
 A mug as well

 New stocking hangers for the mantle.  I was late getting these finished, having bough most the supplies last year.  I wanted to finish each one with a miniature wreath above the door, but couldn't find them anywhere.  Luckily Keith found these wreath stickers while we were at Hobby Lobby.  Next season I will jump on this sooner. 

All the presents, under the tree.

The boys enjoyed the Wild Nights at the Folsom Zoo with Grandma & Grandpa S.  
 A visit with the big man.

We are officially ready for Christmas! 

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