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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Sacramento Santa Parade & California Museum

Last Saturday the boys and I headed downtown to the Sacramento Santa Parade and the California Museum.  We have been to this parade one other time, but it was many years ago.  They city offers free parking on the weekends to encourage holiday shopping, so we took advantage to get close to the parade route.    
Found a great spot, waiting for the parade to start.  
  Jumping around to pass the time
 Cool police car to kick off the parade

 Living history

 Kaiser had a cool train float and they were handing out mandarin oranges. 
 Spanish dancers
 Lots of different rescue groups marched in the parade, so the boys enjoyed petting some of the dogs. 
 This group of kids on unicycles were an awesome site! 
 Snoopy in a Camaro! 
 Parrot Rescue

After the parade we went to the California Museum for their free day to celebrate Snoopy.  They have an exhibit right now highlighting Charles Schwartz and the different football related Peanuts strips. 
 Robert Downy Jr. was inducted into the California Hall of Fame this year, so part of his display was the original Iron Man suit. 

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