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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

1/11/15 CAL Berkley

The boys and I traveled down to Berkley for Ty's meet this past weekend.  The venue was really nice, probably the best view we'll get this season. 

Ty's overall score improved by 1.5 (error in the video), which is great to see.
He still has a lot of work to do on all events, but it's good for him to see improving scores.  


Lots of Missy Franklin banners around the campus to support her success this past swim season.

 Cody had a good time hanging out with the other siblings during the meet. 

Warming up, talking with Coach John who ended up judging the last day of competition.  

They split the Level 5's into 2 sessions because there were so many, so a small line up of 5 of 8.

P-Bars are showing improvements with his score moving up by 1.2.  
Hopefully he can start to hit his handstand at the end and tighten up his form on swings. 

High bar also had an improvement of 1.2.  
He has to figure out how to tighten up, and then his scores will sore.  

Stirrup check at the chalk bowl.

Floor showed the most improvement even though his score didn't show it.  
If he can keep his momentum, it will start to show up on the score board.  

Pommel was his low for the day, it's always been his hardest event.  
His mushroom is coming along though. 

Getting ready between events. 

His rings score was the same as the last meet, in need of a lot of work. 
He did stick his landing like a pro, very cool to see. 

They ended on Vault, his best event, with an improvement of .2. 

Sunset over the farmland.

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