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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Eagles vs The Outlawz

Cody's first game of the season went really well.  They didn't end up with a win, but were only down by a touch down and extra point.  They held their own very well being mostly 4-5th graders against a team that is almost all 6th graders.  
Cody had a big 3rd quarter where he made a string of flag pulls making it so the other team didn't gain yardage.  He had a great time and is looking forward to the next game.  

Heading to the field after warm-ups
 Coin toss and meeting with the refs
 Defense, going for the QT

 Huddle up

 Ty has a buddy at the games, another little brother of a team mate. 
 Sunset in the Ghetto. 

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