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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Week 2

1/8 - 14

Cody had his first football game this weekend, more to come on that soon. 

The boys and I headed down to CAL Berkley on Sunday for Ty's next meet.  
A picture in front of one of Missy Franklin's banners that are all around the school  
 Probably the nicest venue we will be at this year.

Futsal with Devon

The boys had their first set of classes for the new semester.  
Tyler is taking another set of art classes with the same teacher as last semester.  He made this creation today with LEGO snow and puffy paint for depth.  The color gradation from the top to bottom is hard to see in the photo, but he did are really good job.  
He is also taking a baking class; today's creation was English Tea Cakes that smelled amazing and the boys said were very tasty.  He's excited to make them again from the recipe they provided.  Cody is taking another set of Mad Science classes; learning about how old toys work for today.  Both boys are taking a LEGO creation class (different times, age groups) where they are working on making carnival rides.   
So happy for them to have these opportunities with our charter.   

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