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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Week 50

12/9 - 15

Tuesday was homeschooling day at the Crocker Art Museum, the theme of the day was Illusions. This performer was wonderful!  More to come soon. 
 We took advantage of being downtown and went on a walk down to the capitol. 
The boys also had their last classes in Rescue for the semester. 

 On Saturday, Cody had his first football jamboree.  They played 4 short scrimmage games so the coaches could get a feel for what they need to work on.  More to come on this as well. 

Saturday afternoon the boys went to a birthday party at Granite Arch.

Saturday night was the annual Momtourage Christmas party, a preview of the ugly ornaments. 

Our tree for the year, decorated and still standing!  
(Ha, I kid, I kid.)  It has settled in with a bit of a lean, but it really hasn't tipped any further.  
We will be searching out a new tree stand for next year.  

Monday brought a visit from Aiden and Annabel for the day.  

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