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Monday, December 8, 2014

Fair Oaks Holiday Parade and Dovewood Ct 2014

It's not Christmas until we've gone to Dovewood and hit the parade route!  

Last year's parade was super wet and we chose not to go, so it was fun to relive this tradition with friends. 
Waiting for the parade to start.  
 Love all the old buildings and signs in old town.
 Cool way to start the parade! 

 The 4x4 club was new this year, fully decorated and awesome!
 We were disappointed to not have the tall club or Klingons in attendance. 

We stayed for the tree lighting after the the parade.
 It was a bit anticlimactic because they were using new LED twinkle lights, but he music was fun!

Taking advantage of a non-weekend, non-rainy night, we hit Dovewood Ct on a Monday.  

 The garage scene that changes every season, very fun. 

 Techno light structure you can stand inside of. 

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