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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Crocker Art Museum & Downtown

The Crocker Art Museum hosts homeschooling days about once a month where they have special activities and extra docents in the galleries.  This month's theme was Illusions.  

We started in the lobby to watch a silks artist.  

The first station was to see wood carved to look like food.  She had a lot of different kinds of wood pieces they could touch and pass around to see how the different the species are.   She also had a video that showed an 80 year old woman carving with a chain saw. 

The next one was about perspective and talking about where people were in the picture and how many there were.  The reflection made for a very interesting painting.  
 They were able to play with mirrors to see if they could recreate the painting idea. 

The 3rd painting was about using light and dark to create depth.  

The last one talked about using lines to create depth in a painting.  
 They also used view finders to look down the hallways. 

After the museum we walked around a bit downtown.  

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