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Monday, December 8, 2014

2014 Boys Season Opener

Tyler had his first official meet of the season this past Sunday.  We headed back to Petaluma to Redwood Empire Gymnastics for the Boys Season Opener.  

It was good to see the boys perform better than they did at our Intersquad a couple of weeks ago.  It's still pretty rough going for these guys, hopefully they will figure some things out over the next month before their next meet in January.   

Tyler had some great highlights during the meet, even if his scores didn't show it.

His high bar looked good from our seats, but the score was awful.  
He had a bobble after he saluted to the judge before he even touched the bar, not sure if that counted against him, but it might have.   He did however nail his kip like a boss and we were super excited for him!  (Swinging below the bar and doing a sort of kick move that puts him on top of the bar in a support hold.)  He also stuck his landing without moving his feet.  
He has a lot of form issues in his swings that are costing him points and he added a extra swing that counted against him.  

Floor went ok for him, he stayed on his feet on both his handsprings.  
He rushed a bit which made for sloppy moves, something that can be corrected.  

Pommel was his 2nd highest score for the day.  He nailed his 5 circles on the mushrooms to start off.  His leg swings were high on the pommel and he didn't sit on his cut moves, but still struggles a bit with those and his front pommel swings.  
 Unfortunately, someone waked in front of me when I was recording his mushroom and when I was juggling the camera to get it back to a point to see him I must have bumped it as it stopped recording. 

Things were starting to unravel a bit with rings.  He had a bad start with miscommunication with his coach that kind of threw him for a loop.  He didn't hold his elements long enough and his swings were low.  He did stay on his feet after his fly away dismount, even with the step for balance.  

Vault was his high for the meet, placing 6th in his group and the 2nd best score for the team.  
He needs form work, like everything else, but he stayed on his feet!  

Parallel bars ended his day, and he was ready for it to be over.  
His warm up wasn't very good and it carried over to competition.  
Hopefully he'll be able to find his handstand and figure out how to keep his legs together for next time.  Hands down on the landing sealed another bad score for the meet.  

He did have a fun time, which is the most important part.  
 Hopefully the coaching can come together over the next month so that we can see more red jackets on that podium next time!

The 5:15 wake up call finally caught up to him on the way home.  


Next up is the Cal Benefit Cup in Berkley on January 10th.  

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