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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Freddy the Elf, Part 4

Freddy set up a sledding hill in the front room

He's a musical elf, rockin' the drums

A solo cup Christmas tree was found another morning on the counter. 

We're not sure how he became so tangled in the ribbon, maybe he was trying to zip across the concrete?  

Coloring a picture of Rudolph 

Shooting himself out of the fire truck like a human cannon ball!  

He brought the boys graham crackers to make houses, finding all the other goodies around the house.  

Then it was Christmas Eve's eve and he left us a goodbye letter.  
 For one last treat, he found the boys' Ipod and took a bunch of selfies around the front of the house.  
We like his use of a candy cane as a selfie stick. 
 Pictures of his selfies....

We had a fun month with Freddy and can't wait for him to arrive next year! 

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