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Monday, April 7, 2014

Week 14

4/1 - 7
So it starts.....
 Okay, so not completely!  We put one of the old family phones onto a prepaid plan for the boys.  With our busy schedule coming up, we thought it a good idea to be able to get a hold of them, or for them to call us.  

This is the look when a cute girl comes by to say hello. 
 Yeah, pretty scary. 

Handstand have been a focus at the gym, Ty is getting pretty good at holding them.
(Blue and orange shorts)

 We are trying our hand at growing crystals. 
 This smile says it all.  Not going so great! 
 Hopefully we'll start to see some growth in the next few days!

Riding in the wagon

 A beautiful project for a friend.....

Grandma and Grandpa Douglas came down for the weekend to celebrate Cody's birthday.  
More Presents!!!!
 Saturday the Tigers had their first spring game of the season, 1st game with the new players for the year.
 Sunday brought the same, in different jerseys. 
No wins this weekend, two tough teams that normally play 2 divisions above us.  
It was good for the boys to get on the field and see how everyone works.  Hopefully they will learn to trust each other, get away from their team mates and work the ball to the goal. 

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