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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


We slacked a bit on Easter this year, no egg dying or big egg hunts but we had a wonderful day!

The boys had a puzzle to put together to find their treats. 


 So close!  Off to get the keys...

The boys were spoiled as per usual.  A new double racing slip n' slide, loom bands, boxes and books, mini puzzle balls, magnetic travel games and a bit of candy.

 Uncle Stu road over to our house and then all the boys road back to Grandma and Grandpas for the family get-together. 

Aiden looked very sharp.
 The annual Easter Egg Hunt
 Little man figured out pretty quickly what the task was.

After all the eggs were found and people were working out their "Scrabble" tiles to claim their prizes, Aiden had a swing. 

 After the family gathering we took advantage of the beautiful weather by going for a paddle on Lake Natomas
 We went as far up as we could, until we reached the prison sign.
This goose thought we brought a treat for him, very persistent.

Ty enjoyed a bit of shore water time before packing up.
 Keith and Cody coming in...

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