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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring Blooms.....

Things are in bloom!  A few things have popped back up and a few new things have been started.  Fingers crossed we can keep our thumbs green and plants will stay alive!  

The Valentines plant that keeps on growing.  
The first blooms were vivid blue, but the new growth has been white with blue tips.  

 This was last week, the start of Tyler's giant pumpkins. 
 Cody's mini pumpkins also started to sprout.  The day after we planted these the big rain storms happened and we feared they were flooded. 
 Trying something new, (or again 12 years later) planted different varieties of Morning Glories along the front walk way.  It's fun to see them start to sprout and how different the plants look. 

 The strawberries are back! 
 Love the beauty of this plant. 
 The rock rose plants are still growing nicely
 Lots of buds...
 The flowers appear over night
Sometimes they will last a few days, or they fall off before the morning is over.  Weird.
   A few days after the first shots we noticed a lot of growth from the pumpkins. 

 Cody's mini's have a lot more sprouts. 

Hopefully we'll have some colorful and fruitful updates to come!

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